Odyssey Magazine‘ When it comes to Best Telescopes for Astrophotography, there are many choices available. For example, the relatively inexpensive APT 80mm refracting telescope may not be the best option for beginners due to its short coma-diverter correction. The SkyX AR8.5 binocular telescope on the other hand is a mid-level choice for those interested in smaller telescopes. The SkyX has an easy to use interface and manual focusing capabilities as well as an effective f/stop ratio that will suit the novice’s needs.

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Another popular option is the Sky dome reflector. This is one of the best telescopes for astro-photography due to its large aperture and fast coma correction. The reflector also comes with a host of accessories and the Sky dome can accommodate up to twelve pieces of glass allowing the user to enjoy an unobstructed field of view. The downside is that this is an expensive piece of equipment and is best suited for sophisticated users or professionals looking for the best telescopes for astrophotography.

The last category of Telescopes for Astrophotography includes engineering/science based telescopes such as the Sky lantern. These engineering telescopes often utilize a parabolic mirror reflecting system similar to a reflecting telescope but uses a smaller aperture than its sibling and in some designs comes with a reflecting cooler that helps to minimize stray light. The Sky lantern has an effective f/stop ratio of 0.9 enabling the capture of faint starlight.


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