One Day Tattoo Studio London

With a friendly atmosphere and celebrity client list, One Day Tattoo Studio London is a great place to get your first tattoo. This studio combines traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles. A resident artist, Sergio Terrakiu, is on the roster, as well as guest artists. Besides tattoos, One Day Tattoo also offers laser tattoo removal and clothing and merchandise. They blend the old and new, resulting in unique and original tattoo designs. Click here –

Most Artists Require A Deposit Before Starting A Tattoo

Located in West London, One Day Tattoo Studio London has four award-winning artists who specialize in a range of styles. Some of their popular designs include classical tattoos, black and grey designs, portraits, Celtic and tribal tattoos. Some of their celebrity clients include David Beckham lookalike Andy, British footballer Ronan Keating, and former cricketer Andrew Flintoff. While they encourage appointments, they welcome walk-ins. Morgan Myers, the studio’s owner, grew up tattooing in Philadelphia and learned the art from his mother.

The studio offers a wide range of tattoo styles and prices. Most artists require a deposit before starting a tattoo. The deposit amount varies depending on the estimated final price. Remember, though, that tattoo artists lose money when customers cancel appointments. You can always reschedule your appointment if you change your mind later. If you’re unsure about the style and design you want, be sure to make an appointment with multiple artists.


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