How to Stop Your AC Now

If your AC isn’t cooling your best AC tips home the way it should, there are several things you can do to stop your AC now. First of all, you can reset your thermostat to a cool setting, about 5 to 6 degrees cooler than the room temperature. You can also test the operation of the unit by placing your hands in front of the AC vane. If you can feel cold air coming out of the AC, it is malfunctioning. Next, you can remove the cover of the thermostat and look for corrosion buildup and debris. If the thermostat cover is clean, you can clean it yourself with a soft brush. If you find that there are serious corrosion issues, however, you should call a professional for repair.

Another way to fix your AC unit is to replace the air filter. Dirty air filters can prevent the air from flowing through the evaporator coil. It can also cause the system to short cycle if the air filter is blocked or dirty. Moreover, the thermostat may have a bad reading or be positioned incorrectly. It is always recommended to contact an HVAC professional for a proper diagnosis of this problem. Lastly, make sure that your air filter is not clogged or plugged. These can prevent air from getting through the AC unit, which can lead to the AC running nonstop.

Short cycling is another common cause of AC problems. The thermostat controls the temperature of your entire home. When it malfunctions, your AC may be cycling frequently. If your thermostat battery is low, it will lose power intermittently and will cause your AC to turn off and on. The result is the same: you are not cooling your home, but your electric bill is significantly higher. If you do not know how to stop your AC now, contact an AC repair professional today.


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