Boutique Coffee Shop Offers Free Wi-Fi and Wireless Internet Access

Boutique CoWorking Office Spaces

“We offer a clean, organized, and flexible workspace in Ridgewood, NY.” This is how the official website of Boutique Co-Working offers visitors to their office studio in Ridgewood a look at what they offer. The company has been in business since 1977 and currently provides various office space rental options in Ridgewood Brooklyn, New York. Our spaces are ideal for everything from holding office meetings and presentations to simply serving as an art or photography studio for your clients. Click for more updates info.

Why Most People Will Never Be Great At Boutique Co-working Office Spaces

The Boutique Co-Working Office Spaces in Ridgewood Brooklyn also offers space that is open to the public for whatever reason. For instance, you can visit the studio to pick up any of the many different items you can find in the “fine gifts” section. If you would like to sign a guestbook or leave a message, you can do so right in the cafe’s waiting area. The main entrance to the boutique co-working office spaces is located at the corner of Ridgewood and Atlantic avenues, directly in the middle of Ridgewood Crossroads. You will find free parking both inside and outside of the building, which is convenient once you’re there. Once inside, you will immediately notice the eclectic design of the building; each room is designed with style in mind, with large windows to let in plenty of light in, but without the large windows creating a dark and dingy feeling.

To further compliment the coffee and book experience, the Boutique Co-Working Office Spaces has two retail bookstores, one inside the building itself, while the other is located across the street at Ridgewood Crossing Books. At Ridgewood Crossing Books you will find an array of both new and used books, as well as magazines, catalogs, and personal care items. You can even purchase your very own Co-Worker eBook reader! For a small portion of the price of a regular book, you get a great eBook reader, a white paper computer, high definition television with satellite access, a VCR, and all the speakers you could ever need for your very own home office!


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