Caries experience and treatment needs among footballers in Baghdad city

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Yasir B. Abd Ali
Eman K. Chaloob


Background: footballers may have poor oral health like elevated levels of dental caries. The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence and severity of dental caries in Iraqi footballers and to measure dental treatments needs.
Materials and methods: 403 Iraqi males footballers aged from 18-32 years were included in the study. The cases were recruited from 18 clubs in Baghdad city.
Results: the results of present study showed increased percent of caries experience according to age increase and decreased dental caries percent as education level increased among Iraqi footballers. Decayed component was found to be the largest of DMFS value compared to MS and FS among all age groups, Caries experience was found to be increased as age increase and differences were statistically significant between the three age groups except at DS. The difference was found significant between education level and DS and FS. Our results showed that all footballers are in need to dental treatment.
Conclusion: in Iraqi footballers the percent of caries experience decreased as education level increased.

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Orthodontics, Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry